Top 5 Secret Island Getaways in Southeast Asia

South East Asian Island Getaways

Deemed to be one of the most renowned getaway spots, islands of Southeast Asia are a land of fascination.

Speckled with postcard worthy landscapes comprised of aqua lagoons, sun-drenched beaches, sprinkled with picturesque palm trees. Verdant rolling hills, presenting a number of sporting feats  like diving, canoeing, rafting and offering a display of pristine underwater  life.

These islands are like paradise on earth. They are the ultimate solution  for those seeking a perfect romantic getaway or a solitary retreat.

Top 5 Secret Island Getaways in South East Asia

Here is a  short review of 5 of Southeast Asia’s dazzling islands that should be on your  visit list.

Phu Quoc

A Vietnamese island situated just off the shoreline of Cambodia
in the Gulf of Thailand.

This stunning island is prominent for its sunny tropical beaches and turquoise sea.

This is the largest island of Vietnam and half of it  is enveloped by impenetrable jungle and formidable peaks and tourists have  innumerable opportunities to enjoy wildlife, trek mountains or enjoy an  adventure gripping motor bike battle.

Some of the things you can enjoy while  being on a trip to Phu Quoc are:

  • Experience the serenity and extraordinary beauty of white sand
    Sao beach which is one of the most idyllic beaches of Vietnam.
  • Visit the cascading waterfall situated in the center of Phu Quoc

Phi Phi islands

Phi Phi islands are considered to be one of the most enchanting  islands of Southeast Asia.

This places are accessible through a 90 minute ferryboat ride  either from Phuket or Krabi.

Offering both land-based and water-based  activities, Phi Phi islands are renowned for their stunning tropical beaches.

Glowing and clear turquoise waters bustling with multi-colored oceanic life and  massive yet staggering rock formations.

This archipelago of six islands  magnetizes hundreds of tourists to behold its paradise perfect panoramas.

You can experience these things while being mesmerized with the beauty of these  islands:

  • Take a visit to Phi Phi Leh hosting the world-famous Maya Bay.
  • Witness a tropical dream come true by holidaying in the Bamboo
  • Treat yourself to a once in a lifetime rock climbing experience
    on the lofty limestone cliffs.

If you want check more visit here.

Boracay islands

One of the top tourist draws of Philippines, Boracay is a tiny  island. The White Beach along the west coast is a panoramic attraction bedecked  with palm trees, restaurants and bars.

The Bulabog beach on the east coast is  the nucleus for water games. Colorful and exotic marine life thrives in the  offshore coral reefs. Chief adventures to enjoy are:

  • Scuba-diving to experience underwater tunnels, caves and corals
  • Para-sailing on a speedboat

Langkawi Island

Home to Malaysia’s most picturesque and pristine beaches. Langkawi is amongst the most reputed island destination in Southeast Asia.

The untainted waters, lush and dense jungles, tumbling waterfall and gorgeous
beaches will leave you wanting to experience the island deeply.

Some of the experiences  that you should live through while in Langkawi are:

  • Take a trip in Langkawi’s renowned skycab.
  • Take a zip line downhill in the Skytex adventure park

Top 5 Secret Island Getaways in South East Asia


Seamlessly pure beaches, intriguing culture, natural beauty. Ii’s historical temples are just the few reasons why you should visit Bali in Indonesia.

The scenic island of Bali offers innumerable pastimes like surfing, kayaking, diving and fishing but you  can still find attraction in these experiences:

  • Visit the Bali safari and theme park to experience wildlife.
  • Visit the sea temple of Uluwatu.

The islands of Southeast Asia have something to offer to
everyone whether vacationing on a budget or keeping a free hand on the
finances. The islands housed in Southeast Asia are nothing shorter then
kingdoms of enchantment.

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